lördag 16 april 2011

The Beathovens - Summer Sun/Tramps

The Beathovens - Summer Sun/Tramps (Sweden 1966)

Swedish 60s pop was largely a sad mixture of embarrassing amateurism, lack of supporting ideas and mediocre knowledge of the English language. However, there were some great bands like Tages, The Namelosers, Ola & The Janglers, The Steampacket (introduced as Steampacket II in Britain to avoid confusion with the R&B group featuring Rod Stewart, Long John Baldry, Julie Driscoll etc.), The Merrymen (No, not the calypso group) and The Beathovens.

This single of theirs, Summer Sun is simply pop perfection. With it's beautiful harmonies and chords, it's a perfect soundalike to The Kinks around Face to Face. This little group came from the small town Motala, on the eastern shore of the lake Vättern.  When they entered a contest in which Sweden's Beatles would be appointed, Tages won on the west coast and The Beathovens on the east coast. However, The Beathovens, mysteriously, never got the big break, and the highlights in their career was an appearance on the Swedish TV show Drop In and as an opening act for The Who in Örebro.

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