tisdag 30 augusti 2011

The Merseys

Cool live clip of The Merseys doing Sorrow, broadcasted on French TV.

torsdag 18 augusti 2011

The Mark Four-Hurt Me If You Will/I'm Leaving

THE MARK FOUR-Hurt Me If You Will/I'm Leaving Decca F12204 1965

Before the mighty Creation, there was The Mark Four. The first four are, in my opinion, pretty lame but by the release of the third, things begin to happen. 'Hurt Me If You Will' is a pretty okay beat song, not bad but there's not very much things that happens, the song keeps it's slow rhythm all the way, a rave-up would not have been wrong. The great one on this 45 is the B-side, I'm Leaving. This has somewhat a Bo Diddley beat, great guitar plucking, a booming, fat bass, bouncing drums in the Sorrows-vein and stone cold vocals from Kenny Pickett. The group made one more great 45 on Fontana, 'Work All Day (Sleep All Night)/Going Down Fast before evolving into The Creation and the rest is history.

From left: Kenny Pickett, Jack Jones, John Dalton,
Mick 'Spud' Thompson and Eddie Phillips

Hurt Me If You Will

I'm Leaving

onsdag 17 augusti 2011

Good Beatles Covers, Part Two

St Louis Union Girl/Respect Decca F12318 1966

So, here we have the St. Louis Union's debut single also on Decca from 1966, a cover of 'Girl'. It was also the Union's only chart success, as it got to #11 on the charts. However, even though it became a hit it is far from the group's best recording; i feel it is not a good representation of the group's real mega cool Mod image. The only highlight with this one is Tony Cassidy's nice vocal performance, which lifts the number a little higher. Much, much better is the flip, a cover of Otis Redding's 'Respect', which is a much better representation of the group's image. Cassidy's vocals is also on top, howling and fits great to the track.



Good Beatles Covers, Part One

Some people say that the Beatles' songs are like old heaters: they should have 'do not cover' written on them. And I agree to the half. There are many terrible Beatles covers out there, but also some terrific. Here's what I came up with...

Joe Cocker-I'll Cry Instead/Precious Words Decca F11974 1964
John Joe Cocker fronted Sheffield band Vance Arnold & The Avengers when he won an audition for a solo recording with Decca. This one, Cocker's first single from 1964 is a song written by messers Lennon & McCartney from the Beatles' LP 'A Hard Day's Night' from the same year. Personally, i think it is actually better than the original Beatles version; Cocker's voice fits much better to the song and i like the slightly faster rhythm. Also, we have some great guitar work which i've read is done by Big Jim Sullivan (the rest of the studio work is done by members of The Ivy League). The single flopped, but four years later Joe enjoyed international success with another Beatles cover, 'With A Little Help From My Friends'. On the B-side, mister J. Page plays guitar as he did with many Beat groups/artists before joining up with the Yardbirds in '66.

måndag 15 augusti 2011

Hammond Heroes: Julien Covey

JULIEN COVEY & THE MACHINE-A Little Bit Hurt / Sweet Bacon
Julien Covey, or Phil Kinorra as you might know him, released this piece of Hammond grooviness in 1967. You'll may know mister Kinorra/Covey for playing with greats like Brian Auger, Graham Bond, Don Rendell and even replacing Keith Moon of The Who for only one concert in 1967 (before Chris Townson from John's Children took over after Kinorra/Covey/Whateveryouliketocallhim for four more concerts until Keith came back). 'A Little Bit Hurt' is a good northern soul track, with a great, wild Hammond and a good vocal performance from Covey. But i'll have to agree with our friends the anoraks here (get teleported to the article by pressing this text)my favourite here is Sweet Bacon, an instrumental groover which is so great I can't even describe it! One of the BEST mod Hammond tracks from the '60s out there - it's actually as good as Green Onions! Highly recommended!



onsdag 3 augusti 2011

Purple Pill Eaters: Cool people from the '60s part 3









måndag 1 augusti 2011

Horrible debuts from otherwise great bands Part 1: Tages - 'Sleep Little Girl / Tell Me You're Mine'

TAGES - 'Sleep Little Girl / Tell Me You're Mine' Platina 1964
Sweden's very own Tages are best known for releasing one of the greatest '60s psych LP's not from Britain, 'Studio'. They also released a handful of great singles and another great LP, 'Contrast'. But everybody has to start somewhere. And in the start, Tages were five neat-looking geezeers with matching suits who... well, needed some more excersize. In about two years, they were a top class act. But by October '64, no. Just no.

Tages shortly after the single's release in 1964. Göran (top
right) (bass player and Mr. Real Crazy Apartment's
neighbour) seems to think about excactly what i think
of the single