måndag 1 augusti 2011

Horrible debuts from otherwise great bands Part 1: Tages - 'Sleep Little Girl / Tell Me You're Mine'

TAGES - 'Sleep Little Girl / Tell Me You're Mine' Platina 1964
Sweden's very own Tages are best known for releasing one of the greatest '60s psych LP's not from Britain, 'Studio'. They also released a handful of great singles and another great LP, 'Contrast'. But everybody has to start somewhere. And in the start, Tages were five neat-looking geezeers with matching suits who... well, needed some more excersize. In about two years, they were a top class act. But by October '64, no. Just no.

Tages shortly after the single's release in 1964. Göran (top
right) (bass player and Mr. Real Crazy Apartment's
neighbour) seems to think about excactly what i think
of the single

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  1. i just blogged about "I'm Going out", I could be wrong but i could swear reading someplace that they reunited in the late 70's and cut a "disco" version of "Sleep Little Girl", I shudder to think what that sounded like.