tisdag 31 maj 2011

The Chasers • "Hey Little Girl" & "Inspiration"

Out of Romford came this solid beat/R&B group called The Chasers in the 60's. Consisted of Roger Pincott, Bobby Rio, Len Tuckey, Jack Chambers, Tony Wadlow and Lenny Butcher. Released three singles in '65, '66 and '67.

60's Pop Duos Part 4: The Truth

The Truth were a superb little mod/freakbeat group from London consisting of Steve Aiello and Steve Gold, who released 7 singles on the Deram label. Steve Aiello went on to join hard rock group Bedlam in the 70's.

måndag 30 maj 2011

Tages • Fantasy Island

Sweden's own Tages are best known for their 1967 masterpiece Studio. At the same time, they released their best (and most psychedelic) single, "Fantasy Island". It has great vocal harmonies and a nice organ. Sounds very much like The Zombies did when they released "Oddesey & Oracle". ('Studio' and 'Fantasy Island' has another thing in common: both are recorded in the Abbey Road studio). Their bass player Göran Lagerberg is also my apartment neighbour, which is pretty great.

Göran and Freddie (Skantze) with Chuck Berry.

Tages' psychedelic stage show

söndag 29 maj 2011

60'S Pop Duos Part 3: Svensk

Svensk actually means "Swedish" in Swedish. However, these two guys are not from Sweden. They're from Liverpool and released two great psych singles on the Page One label, owned by The Troggs producer Larry Page. Svensk consisted of Roger Hopkins and Jason Paul.

"Pojkarna Svensk är från - England!" means "The Svensk boys
are from - England!". Looks like we got pretty confused there.

The Sorrows • Let Me In

The Sorrows were a groovy little band from Coventry, who made 7 singles and 2 LP's between '65 and '67 on the Piccadilly label. They never got the success they deserved, probably because their music was simply too ahead of it's time. Lead singer Don Fardon went on to a solo career and had a Top 10 hit in UK in 1970 with a cover of "Indian Reservation". Also, his version of "I'm Alive" was featured in a commercial for some juice.

Page from some magazine, 1965.

lördag 28 maj 2011

60's Pop Duos Part 2: Twice As Much

Twice As Much. Another great 60's pop duo on Andrew Loog Oldham's great Immediate label. Recorded four singles and two albums (Twice as much singles, haha! I know, i have a lame sense of humor) between '66 and '68. Consisted of David Skinner & Andrew Rose.

The 'Own Up' LP, 1966

The 'That's All' LP, 1967

The 2 videos i could find with Twice As Much on Youtube.

Record Hunting: 28th May 2011

Saturday means records. So here's what i've bought today.

The Blues Project • Live At The Café Au Go Go

Original copy of one of the best live blues albums ever, and also the definition of underrated. 1966.

The Blues Project and friend, 1967.

The Velvet Underground • The Velvet Underground

Original of The Velvets' third LP. 1968.

Yes i know, it's the wrong lineup, but it is such a cool picture.

fredag 27 maj 2011

What i've been listening to this month: May 2011

Winston's Fumbs • Real Crazy Apartment

Psych from '67 featuring former Small Faces member Jimmy Winston and Tony Kaye, later of Yes. 
Fur-ni-ture, whoo!!

Tages • I Cry

Garage punk from '66 by Sweden's finest. Their bass player is no other than my apartment neighbour.

Rare live pictures from 1966

The Majority • One Third

Freakbeat from '66. Dig the harmony vocals and the guitar solo.

"This must be what heaven is like!" The Majority performing at
the Playboy club.
The Wheels • Road Block

More garage punk from '66. Straight ripped from "Mysic Eyes" by Them, but damn good anyway.

The Wheels back in the day.
The Silence • Cold On Me

(Yes, i faked a John's Children single, but 'Cold On Me' was a Demo)
Freakbeat from 1965/66. Later known as John's Children.

A Band Of Angels • Not True As Yet

British pop from '64 featuring Mike d'Abo, later of Manfred Mann. 

torsdag 26 maj 2011

Joe Cocker • I'll Cry Instead

Love this early Joe Cocker cover of the Beatles track. Too bad he didn't kept this style.

Joe purchases a copy of his own record, 1964. Stupid watermark.

60's Pop Duos Part 1: The Merseys

Probably my favourite 60's duo, along with The Truth and Twice As Much. Evolving from The Merseybeats, featuring Billy Kinsley & Tony Crane.

Oh, now i know where Noel Gallagher got his look!

Hmm.. can someone please tell me what's going on here?

"And on the cover, one is going to sit in an armchair with a dog, and
the other one is going to stand beside! Right in the middle of a street!"
"You're a genius, Carl!"