måndag 30 maj 2011

Tages • Fantasy Island

Sweden's own Tages are best known for their 1967 masterpiece Studio. At the same time, they released their best (and most psychedelic) single, "Fantasy Island". It has great vocal harmonies and a nice organ. Sounds very much like The Zombies did when they released "Oddesey & Oracle". ('Studio' and 'Fantasy Island' has another thing in common: both are recorded in the Abbey Road studio). Their bass player Göran Lagerberg is also my apartment neighbour, which is pretty great.

Göran and Freddie (Skantze) with Chuck Berry.

Tages' psychedelic stage show

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  1. Rättelse: Fantasy Island och 10 av låtarna på Studio är inspelade hos Europafilm i Stockholm.
    Mvh Göran Brandels