fredag 13 maj 2011

Cool ads & articles about 60's groups

Ad for 'Baby You've Got It' by The Action

Ad for 'Arnold Layne' by Pink Floyd

Ad for 'I Take What I Want' by The Artwoods

Concert ad for David Bowie & The Lower Third at The Marquee Club

Ad for 'Circles' by Les Fleur de Lys

Ad for 'A Memory' by Hljómar (Thor's Hammer) (Or possibly a concert ad, sorry i don't speak Icelandic)

Ad for 'I'm A Man' by The Spencer Davis Group

Ad for 'Gypsy Fred' by The Koobas

Article about The Move

Ad for 'My Friend Jack' by The Smoke

Ad for 'Painter Man' by The Creation

Ad for 'No Presents For Me' by Pandamonium

Drum ad for Rogers Drums, featuring Pete York from The Spencer Davis Group

Ad for 'Baby Don't You Do It' by The Poets

Article about The Pretty Things (Indeed, i would be worried if i were one of their parents too)

Ad for the Ready Steady Who EP by The Who

Ad for 'I Take It That We're Through' by The Riot Squad

Ad for 'I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Round' by The Shotgun Express
Ad for 'All Or Nothing' by The Small Faces

Ad for 'Sorrow' by The Merseys

Ad for some bands having gigs at the Tiles Club
Ad for 'Jingle Jangle' by The Truth

Ad for 'Substitute' by The Who

Ad for 'Girl' by The Truth

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