lördag 21 maj 2011

Record Buying: 21th May 2011

So, today i've been out buying records (i do that almost every Saturday). So, here's what i've bought...


THE ACTION- The Ultimate Action (1980) (Recorded between '65 and '67)

Compilation with the top mod boys from Kentish Town.

The Action with the great late Reg King, front.


THE BLUES MAGOOS- Psychedelic Lollipop (1966)

Original pressing of this excellent garage/psych record.

The Magoos and a lava lamp  in '67

CREAM- Fresh Cream (1966)

Original of the Sweden only 12-track release. The good part of living in Sweden.

Review of a '67 Stockholm
performance from a
Swedish newspaper

THE MISSING LINKS- The Missing Links (1965) (Reissue from 2000)

Reissue of this mega-rarity from this Aussie group called the world's first punk band.

All The Young Punks: On the front page on the
Disc Magazine, December 1965

THE SEEDS- Future (1967)

Original pressing of this nice psych LP from the 'Pushin' Too Hard' guys.

Oh, nice sideburns.

TRAFFIC- Coloured Rain (1967)

Original Swedish edition of Mr Fantasy. Same songs as on the US edition except for "Heaven Is In Your Mind" and "Were A Fade You Missed This".



TAGES- Every Raindrop Means A Lot/Look What You Get (1967)

11th 45 from Sweden's finest. On my sleeve, the previous owner had written "Hejsan!" ("Hello!" in Swedish) on the lower right corner.

Enjoying some tea and cookies while trying on the latest psychedelic
fashion, summer 1966.


BLONDIE- Parallel Lines/Plastic Letters (Both from 1978)

Got it on the bargain. Not really the kind of music i'm going to write about on this blog, but pretty good anyway.

How to make a car stop. At least if there's a man behind the wheel.

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