fredag 27 maj 2011

What i've been listening to this month: May 2011

Winston's Fumbs • Real Crazy Apartment

Psych from '67 featuring former Small Faces member Jimmy Winston and Tony Kaye, later of Yes. 
Fur-ni-ture, whoo!!

Tages • I Cry

Garage punk from '66 by Sweden's finest. Their bass player is no other than my apartment neighbour.

Rare live pictures from 1966

The Majority • One Third

Freakbeat from '66. Dig the harmony vocals and the guitar solo.

"This must be what heaven is like!" The Majority performing at
the Playboy club.
The Wheels • Road Block

More garage punk from '66. Straight ripped from "Mysic Eyes" by Them, but damn good anyway.

The Wheels back in the day.
The Silence • Cold On Me

(Yes, i faked a John's Children single, but 'Cold On Me' was a Demo)
Freakbeat from 1965/66. Later known as John's Children.

A Band Of Angels • Not True As Yet

British pop from '64 featuring Mike d'Abo, later of Manfred Mann. 

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