måndag 16 maj 2011

French 60's EP's

As we all know, the French has a special sense for making lovely EP's. So here are some...

THE ACTION- Shadows & Reflections/Something Has Hit Me/Never Ever/Twenty Fourth Hour

THE ARTWOODS- Oh My Love/Big City/If I Ever Get My Hands On You/Sweet Mary 

OLA & THE JANGLERS- That's When/I Need To Sing/Not In My Life/Can't You Feel

THE SEEDS- No Escape/Excuse, Excuse/Can't Seem To Make You Mine/Daisy Mae

(...even if they forgot to write 'time' between 'the' and 'flies')
THE SHAMROCKS- Don't Say/Days/Smoke Rings/How The Time Flies

THE CREATION- Making Time/Biff Bang Pow/Try And Stop Me/Sylvette

THE EASYBEATS- Heaven & Hell/River Deep, Mountain High/All Gone Boy/You Me, We Love

A BAND OF ANGELS- She'll Never Be You/Gonna Make A Woman/Me/Not True As Yet

THE BIRDS- No Good Without You/How Can It Be/Leaving Here/Next In Line

THE SMOKE- Just Your Way Of Lovin'/If The Weather's Sunny/I Would If I Could But I Can't/Wake Up, Cherylina

SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET- She's About A Mover/We'll Take Our Last Walk Tonight/The Tracker/Blue Norther

SHOTGUN EXPRESS- I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Round/Curtains/Funny 'Cos Neither Could I/Indian Thing

THE SORROWS- Let Me In/How Love Used To Be/Don't Wanna Be Free/No No No No

TWICE AS MUCH- True Story/Sittin' On A Fence/You're So Good For Me/Step Out Of Line

THE PRETTY THINGS- Don't Bring Me Down/Rosalyn/Big Boss Man/We'll Be Together

THE MERSEYS- Rhythm Of Love/Is It Love/So Sad About Us/Sorrow

THE MOODY BLUES- Go Now/It's Easy Child/Steal Your Heart Away/Loose Your Money

JOHN MAYALL'S BLUESBREAKERS- Looking Back/So Many Roads/Parchman Farm/Key To Love

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