lördag 7 maj 2011

The Torquays – 'Stolen Moments' & 'Harmonica Man (From London Town)'

I'm not sure if these are the Torquays that i'm writing about.
These Torquays were from San Bernardino, California and released a couple of wild, British R&B-flavoured singles around 1965, and these two are my personal favourites, shitty and snotty; just like garage rock is supposed to be!

Stolen Moments
This, somewhat Kinks-like song, is the definition snottiness. With the guitar sound and the singers raw screams, it's great. If you like garage rock, you're gonna love this.
Harmonica Man (From London Town)
'Harmonica Man' is also very snotty with the singers buzzing voice, frantic drumming and tambourine bashin', and even if the harmonica is drowned by everything else, it's still as great as Stolen Moments.


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