måndag 2 maj 2011

The Mascots – I Want To Live

The Mascots in '67, left to right: Gunnar Idering, Anders Forslund, Roffe Adolfsson & Stefan Ringbom

The Mascots were a fairly successful Swedish 60's group, issuing around twenty singles and two LP's between 1964 and 1968, and reaching the Swedish Top Ten with five of their 45's. The group was very influenced by Merseybeat and did some pretty lightweight, but sometimes charming pop. However, there were some exceptions, such as the song 'I Want To Live' from the 1966 album 'ELLPEE' (LP pronounced in Swedish).

(Note that the record company misspelled 'Different')

This song stood out from anything else the group recorded, with the weird lyrics, insanely cool fuzz-break and bouncing The Sorrows-esque drumbeats, this song is way ahead of it's time Freakbeat at it's best, and has been included on a few freakbeat compilations. The Mascots split up in 1969, and the groups members went on to play Progg in a band called Fria Proteatern.

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