torsdag 18 augusti 2011

The Mark Four-Hurt Me If You Will/I'm Leaving

THE MARK FOUR-Hurt Me If You Will/I'm Leaving Decca F12204 1965

Before the mighty Creation, there was The Mark Four. The first four are, in my opinion, pretty lame but by the release of the third, things begin to happen. 'Hurt Me If You Will' is a pretty okay beat song, not bad but there's not very much things that happens, the song keeps it's slow rhythm all the way, a rave-up would not have been wrong. The great one on this 45 is the B-side, I'm Leaving. This has somewhat a Bo Diddley beat, great guitar plucking, a booming, fat bass, bouncing drums in the Sorrows-vein and stone cold vocals from Kenny Pickett. The group made one more great 45 on Fontana, 'Work All Day (Sleep All Night)/Going Down Fast before evolving into The Creation and the rest is history.

From left: Kenny Pickett, Jack Jones, John Dalton,
Mick 'Spud' Thompson and Eddie Phillips

Hurt Me If You Will

I'm Leaving

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