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Things to Come - Sweetgina/Speak Of The Devil

Things to Come - Sweetgina/Speak of The Devil (US 1966)

Things to Come hailed from Long Beach, California. Their original lineup was Steve Runolfsson (vocals), Lynn Rominger (lead guitar), Larry Robinson (rhythm guitar), Russ Ward (drums) and Bryan Garofalo (bass), and they released three singles.

However, Runolfsson was fired after their first and best single, 'Sweetgina/Speak of The Devil'. With it's Farfisa organ, wheezing harmonica, fuzz guitar and Steve Runolfssons snotty, Van Morrison-esque vocals, 'Sweetgina' would probably be the result if you put 'Gloria' and 'Green Onions' in a blender. You can find it on 'Garage Beat '66 Vol. 2: Chicks Are For Kids'.

The B-side, Speak of The Devil, is also an masterful acid punk tune, that sounds like a meeting between Them and Iron Butterfly, and you can find it on complications like 'The Chosen Few Vol. 1' and 'Garage Beat '66 Vol. 6: Speak Of The Devil...' (Yes, they even named the complication after the song!).

Russ Ward would go on to a highly successful career as a session drummer under his real name, Russ Kunkel.

Things to Come at The Marina Palace, Seal Beach, where they were the house band.

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