fredag 29 juli 2011

Austrian Psych Beat(!): The Charles Ryders Corporation

The Charles Ryders Corporation: "White Flames / Happy Day" Decca 1968
What a week it's been. Anyhow, let's have some Austrian psych beat to cheer us up! The Charles Ryders Corporation came from Wien, Austria and released two brill 45's in 1968, this one being the first. The A side, 'White Flames', is a great piece of fuzz with spoken, poetic lyrics, and in some way it reminds me of Cuby & The Blizzards. 

The flip, 'Happy Day', is a pretty charming, moody, soul-influenced pop song, which reminds me of The Mockingbirds' 'Lovingly Yours' or A Band Of Angels' 'Accept My Invitation'. Anyway, the guitar work makes the song a little more like a garage-pop track. 

White Flames

Happy Day

Excerpt of the group performing 'Happy Day' in Austrian 1968 mindf*ck movie 'Schamlos'.

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