torsdag 7 juli 2011

Psychedelic favourites: The Sound Express - The Sound Express (Anette Records, 1969)

So, i got bored while having summer vacation. I'm back. And now, i'm going to write about Sweden's best jazz/prog/psych duo from the 60's (along with Hansson & Karlsson): The Sound Express.

Coming from the small, Swedish town Vänersborg and still do a fairly non-commercial LP in the 60's was actually a minor achievement. The album "The Sound Express" was also elected to the Swedish debut album of the year in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. As the instrumentation and titles suggests another Hansson & Karlsson. The duo Tillbjörn Persson and Ingemar Landén started playing Beatles influenced pop in the middle of the 60's. The group called themselves Tilles which was later changed to the more British sounding Tiles. The group came to the final in the contest "The West Coast's Beatles" 1965. Tiles split up in 1967 and Persson and Landén changed their style. They would call themselves the, to say the least, pretentious Regis Gotorum (The kings of Götaland (Götaland is a Swedish landscape, where Vänersborg is located)), but fortuneately they came up with a better name. A contract with the label Anette was obtained. The label was driven by  Einar Svensson, drummer of the Swedish group The Cool Candys.
The Sound Express split up in the early 70's and Tillbjörn Persson did start making more commercial music by being a member of The Cool Candys and another Swedish group called Säwes. He has also been a session man and arranger on around 40 albums. On later years, he has become the principal on a music school. Ingemar Landén educated himself to a teacher in Gothenburg, but also continued making music with the Jazz group Olle Bäver and Frölunda Big Band. He also became percussion manager for Vänersborg's City Band and started an own percussion orchestra in Gothenburg.

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