måndag 13 juni 2011

50th Post!

So, Real Crazy Apartment has reached it's 50th post! Nice. Therefore, i'm going to post my top 5 (5 as in 50, wittily, isn't it?) British freakbeat/psych singles of the 60s.

5: PETER & THE WOLVES: Woman On My Mind/Old And The New

Woman On My Mind

4: JOHN'S CHILDREN: Desdemona/Remember Thomas A. Becket


Remember Thomas A. Becket

3: LES FLEUR DE LYS: Circles/So, Come On


So, Come On

2: WIMPLE WINCH: Save My Soul/Everybody's Worried 'Bout Tomorrow

Save My Soul

1: TINTERN ABBEY: Vacuum Cleaner/Beeside

Vacuum Cleaner
(HOLY FUCK, that one's worth £1000!!)


(Of course, there's a lot other great UK Psych (Dantalian's Chariot, Kaleidoscope etc etc), but this is my personal top 5)

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