fredag 10 juni 2011

The Slam Creepers' • I Should Have Known Better

(My computer has been living it's own life for the past seven days so i couldn't post anything. Now i'm back anyway)

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, you might have seen a picture of The Slam Creepers' on my previous 'Purple Pill Eaters' post. The Slam Creepers' came from Vansbro, Sweden and released some great Timebox-esque psych records in the 60's, often with a little jazz feel to it. They released two LPs, one in '67 and one in '68, and the opening track the their second LP, 'Dedicated To Sweet Ruth', is a cover of the Beatles' "I Should Have Known Better". And i have to say that they actually do it just as good (if not better) as the Beatles did on their 'A Hard Day's Night' from 1964. Vocalist/organist Björn Skifs would later enjoy worldwide fame with the number 1 hit "Hooked On A Feeling" with Blue Swede in the 70's.

"I Should Have Known Better" starts at 3:04.

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