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Record Hunting: 20-21 June 2011

Okay, so there has been some gaps between the posts recently, so after this post and another (a birthday post for the great Ray Davies, who turns 67 today), i'm going to have my summer vacation. So, yesterday and today i was in Gothenburg for a business trip, and of course i didn't wanted to miss something, so after the work was done i went to the town's record stores. So, here's what i've bought...


Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request (Decca 1967)

First off, we have (probably) one of the rarest Stones records; Their Satanic Majesties Request with the 3D album cover. Bought it for just 600 Swedish Kronor (£60). It is worth much more. Stereo.

Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake (Immediate 1968)

Danish pressing of the boys best known album. Stereo.

Big Star - #1 Record (Reissue) (Ardent 1972)

Very nice reissue of Big Star's first LP. 

Big Star - Radio City (Reissue) (Ardent 1973)

Another Big Star reissue, here with nice red vinyl.


Keith West - Excerpt From A Teenage Opera/Theme From A Teenage Opera (Parlophone 1967)

Swedish pressing of the Tomorrow man's solo record. I hate the children's choir, but otherwise it's a great record. Image stolen from Tradera (Swedish eBay)

Rolling Stones - Come On/I Want To Be Loved (Decca 1963)

The Stones' first ever 45.

Rolling Stones - Mother's Little Helper/Lady Jane (Decca 1966)

German copy of this single.

Traffic - Hole In My Shoe/Smiling Phases (Island 1967)

Traffic's second single and also the perfect Summer Of Love-tune.

Jeff Beck - Hi Ho Silver Lining/Beck's Bolero (Columbia 1967)

The Yardbirds-man does his own thing and he does it very well. Not too fond about the A-side (Silver Lining) (prefer The Attack's version), but the B-side (Beck's Bolero) is a masterpiece.

Moody Blues - Ride My See-Saw/A Simple Game (Deram 1968)

I can't think of anything to write about this one. Sorry.


Various - The Beat Scene (Decca/Deram 1998)

Compilation with variout '60s Beat groups on Decca.

Variout - The Mod Scene (Decca/Deram 1998)

Another compilation in the same series, this time with Mod bands.

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