lördag 19 november 2011

Swedish Sixties Pt. 3: The Moderations - Hard To Forget/Shake

(I could not find a picture of the 45 on the internet. Here is instead a picture of The Moderations themselves.)
(No, that is NOT Jimmy Page sitting on the left)
The Moderations came from Malmö and released this classy piece of pop perfection in 1966. They consisted of:
Anders Netshagen: vocals
Peter Clemmendson: lead guitar
Lars-Åke "Lacke" Kellgren: rhythm guitar
Anders "Jonte" Bjellerup: bass
Per-Ove "Muffe" Kellgren: drums.
This, their only single, seems to be recorded in the Metronome studio in Copenhagen. "Hard To Forget" is a driving Mod-pop track with great "twanging" guitar and a tinkling piano in the background. The vocalist's English is also very good for being a Swedish teen in the mid-60's. On the flip there is a cover of Sam Cooke's "Shake". It is an okay version, not bad but not as excellent as "Hard To Forget" by any means.

"Hard To Forget":

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