söndag 20 november 2011

Swedish Sixties Pt. 4: Fabulous Four - Rotten Rats/Goodbye My Love

Fabulous Four- Rotten Rats/Goodbye My Love Swedish Fontana 271 257 TF  1966
The next one up for my Swedish sixties pandemonium is this Stockholm group with the probably Beatles-influenced name of Fabulous Four. The group was mostly known for their light harmony pop, but this is about as far from light harmony pop as you can get.

"Rotten Rats" is a perfect example of what might happen when the charts and producers doesn't get all the power. There is lots of aggressive fuzz noise and gritty (in a good way) production.

The B-side, a cover of "Goodbye My Love", is more in the "light harmony pop" vein. It is not bad, albeit not really my thing.

"Rotten Rats":

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